4 Simple Tick Prevention Tips

Ticks come out during the summer. They feed on blood from humans and from animals. They’re also responsible for many cases of human Lyme disease each and every year. Ticks are especially problematic in an area like Ft. Collins, but that doesn’t mean you must spend the summer inside. Take the four simple tick prevention tips below to heart and stay safe from ticks this summer.

1- Wear Long Sleeves

Whether you plan a hike to visit the park, wear long sleeves and pants. A hat also helps prevent ticks from attaching to the skin on your head underneath your hair. What a lovely hiding spot for a tick!

2- Call the Pros

Professional tick control is a prevention strategy that keeps your home free from ticks. It is an extra measure that adds assurance to the day -and that keeps ticks away. Ensure tick prevention fort collins is a part of your home maintenance plan.

3- Use Repellents

You should use a DEET repellent during the summer when outdoors. This repellent keeps pests such as ticks and mosquitos off of you so enjoying your day or evening is easier. Many repellents are available, so browse them all to find the best option for your needs.

4- Clothing 101

Along with wearing pants and a long sleeved shirt, also tuck pants into your socks to prevent ticks from hiding and coming home with you.  It’s also best that you wear light colored clothing because ticks are not as attracted to dark colors.

tick prevention fort collins

Ticks are part of summer but that doesn’t mean they must ruin your plans and send you running back inside due to fear. Keep the tips above in mind to prevent tick exposure and stay safe when the weather outside is so beautiful.