Dental X Rays

Whenever you go to the dentist, it is likely that you have been given an x-ray. These devices are used to get a good look at your teeth and figure out exactly what steps need to be taken to preserve or restore your oral health. Dentists often use x rays before procedures to map out teeth, but many patients do not realize just how important they are.

Why X Rays are Done

Your dentist will perform a dental x ray forsyth for a variety of reasons, though they are typically performed when individuals go in for their yearly checkup. Some dentists may give x rays more often due to certain factors, which can include:

·    Age

dental x ray forsyth

·    Symptoms of oral diseases

·    Current oral health

·    History of oral diseases or decay in teeth

If you are visiting a dentist for the first time, you will also likely be given an x ray so that they can get a nice, clear picture of what is going on in your mouth and with your oral health.


You don’t need to prepare for an x ray – many times, your dentist will simply place you where you need to be and give you instructions on what to do at the time. They are often done before you get a cleaning performed, so you’ll likely encounter this as soon as you arrive at the office. Depending on the type of x ray machine your dentist uses, the procedure may vary.

With typical machines, you will have a lead vest placed over you. For other machines, you simply need to stand in place.

X rays may vary by your dentist, but they are still important to your oral health. If you have not had an x ray in over a year, call your dentist now to schedule a checkup.